Ideology and Curriculum: 30 Years of a Discussion


Ideology and Curriculum: 30 Years of a Discussion



What political and economic forces affect teachers as they write their lesson plans? How does socialization create the kind of education we give our children? Why isn’t school politically neutral? In our next episode of Why? we will ask these questions and more, focusing on Michal Apple’s influential book Ideology and Curriculum. For thirty years, the book has challenge educators, directed policy conversations, and inspired those who want to think differently about schools and their roles in a democracy.

Professor Michael W. Apple is John Bascom Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He teaches courses in curriculum theory and research and in the sociology of curriculum. His major interests lie in the relationship between culture and power in education. He has many influential publications including the books,Ideology and Curriculum, The State and Politics of Education. Educating the “Right” Way: Markets, Standards, God and Inequality, Official Knowledge: Democratic Knowledge in a Conservative Age; Cultural Politics and Education;Education and Power.

Why?’s host Jack Russell Weinstein says, “This book helped me better understand what it means to be a teacher and what I bring to my classroom. I’m very excited to talk with Michael and further challenge my understanding of what education is. I’m hoping that school teachers, parents, and anyone who has an interest in what happens in our schools will call or write in, making this a lively and unpredictable discussion.


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Ideology and Curriculum: 30 Years of a Discussion