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Giclee print on Hahnemuhle


Stored: Room 211


UND Art Collections Repository

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Ryan Stander, is an Associate Professor of Art at Minot State University where he teaches photography, directs the BFA program, and co-directs Flat Tail Press. Originally from the farmlands of northwest Iowa, Stander is a transplant to central North Dakota. His education alternated between art and theology [MFA from the University of North Dakota, MA in Theology from Sioux Falls Seminary (SD), and a BA in Art from Northwestern College (IA)]. Stander’s artistic practices mirror his interdisciplinary education, moving among printmaking, book-arts, and a variety of photographic practices. With research interests that bring the visual arts and theology into dynamic conversations, Stander is particularly interested in the structures that shape practices of place, memory, and religion.

Additional Information

"Commemorative digital print created for 'home.', a UND MFA alumni exhibition that took place in January and February of 2024 at the University of North Dakota Memorial Union Gallery."

Artist statement: In April of 2022, doctors discovered a massive tumor in my chest. This discovery upended and reoriented my life. For the next 4 months I lived in fear of cancer and death. In September that year, I had a life-saving surgery that removed the tumor. Since that day in April, I’ve lived with a new awareness of life.Trauma theory pioneer, Bessel van der Kolk argues that the body holds on to trauma, whether abuse, war, accidents, cancer, etc. by creating neural pathways and then getting stuck in them.The trauma of my medical story pales in comparison to what many have suffered, but many of the essential traits of trauma and PTSD are recognizable on a low level. For trauma survivors, these lingering embodied effects become their habit and habitat…their home within their body. Currently I am working on a series of wet-plate collodion self-portraits that explore the mental and physical responses to this health crisis. Using a trauma theory framework, I am better able to understand and articulate many of the things that I’ve experienced over the past year and half.




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