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Giclee print on Hahnemuhle



Artist Bio

Matthew B. Anderson is an artist and art educator with a deep appreciation for the natural world and a strong belief in the importance of arts education. Earning a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the University of North Dakota, Matthew combines over 15 years of experience in the arts with a passion for teaching and advocacy.His art is inspired by his home life in rural North Dakota, where he often finds himself on walks, observing and sketching. This connection to nature is evident in his works, such as "A Wish That Waits" and "Covenant," where he transforms simple natural discoveries into drawings. Matthew's approach to art is straightforward yet thoughtful, focusing on how nature's simplicity can convey complex emotions and stories.In addition to his artistic pursuits, Matthew is a dedicated advocate for arts education. He believes that art is a vital tool for communication and understanding, providing individuals of all ages with the means to express themselves and engage with their communities. Through his role in arts education, he works to ensure that everyone has access to the benefits of artistic expression. Balancing his time between creating art and promoting arts education, Matthew is also an outdoors enthusiast. He finds joy and inspiration in hiking and biking, activities that keep him connected to the landscapes that shape his artistic vision.

Additional Information

Commemorative digital print created for 'home.', a UND MFA alumni exhibition that took place in January and February of 2024 at the University of North Dakota Memorial Union Gallery. An abstract composition with a small red tree branch in the center.

Artist Statement:

These two pieces,"A Wish That Waits" and "Covenant," started out as simple discoveries during walks in nature. A hollow tree stump and a uniquely shaped stick caught my attention. They stood out, not just as parts of the landscape, but as sparks for something more—a drawing, a story, an idea. Back in my studio, I let these sparks guide me. It's a bit like planting a seed and watching it grow, not knowing exactly what it will become, but nurturing it all the same. With my digital tools, I drew, guided by the memory of those natural encounters. The process was like having a conversation with the images as they took shape, allowing them to reveal themselves bit by bit.

"A Wish That Waits" is about a moment of anticipation, the feeling right before something reveals itself.

"Covenant" plays on the intricate details of nature's designs, like the complex patterns on a tree's bark.

Together, they represent a cycle of learning and creation. In making these drawings, I was reminded that the act of creating influences itself—from the art, from the process, and from the surprises along the way. It's about setting out with intention, but also letting that intention evolve as the work unfolds. I learn from the pieces I create. They teach me about the world I see, the world I imagine, and the unexpected places where the two meet.




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