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Giclee print on Hahnemuhle


Art & Design Study Collection


On display: Third floor, mothering room


Memorial Union

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Artwork by Olivia Fischer created during their time as a student at UND.

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Student composed text panel:

Olivia Fischer
Leafish, 2020
Giclee print on Hahnemuhle
UND Art Collections: Art & Design Study Collection

2020 was a year of many new challenges and uncertainties. This was specifically true of colleges and universities across the US. With hands-on classes such as the arts now unable to meet in person, faculty and students alike had to find a different, but meaningful substitute to regular activities. Here at the University of North Dakota, Professor Patrick Luber and his sculpture classes took this as an opportunity to express art through simpler means. Inspired by the nature-centric works of Andrew Goldsworthy, Professor Luber tasked each student with creating art in the natural world. Each student was afforded the liberty to build and photograph whatever they felt expressed the concept of land art while utilizing natural materials.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continued into Summer 2020, Professor Patrick Luber began to think about how he could develop assignments for his sculpture class that would teach students about contemporary developments within the field of art/sculpture, but also encouraged social distancing. This artwork is the result of one of those assignments—an Andrew Goldsworthy inspired Land Art Assignment. Each ephemeral work of land art has been documented through photography by the student artist, printed utilizing the giclee process on Hahnemuhle paper, and was featured in the 2021 exhibition, Land Art: A Partnership with Nature.

A thick layer of green algae forms a curtain above a body of water. Within the center of this curtain are slender leaves that taper to a point toward the right. The leaves also descend in tones of color as the work progresses towards the right side of the picture. The leaves are arranged in such a way to resemble a larger leaf, symbolizing the often-overlooked complexity within even the simplest objects in nature.




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