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The Griffin


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Letter press/linocut


Art & Design Study Collection: Sundog Multiples Collection


Stored: FF_002_B


UND Art Collections Repository

Artist Bio

Jeanne Griffin O'Neil is a printmaking artist who studied at the University of North Dakota, where she graduated with a degree in Honors. She has been teaching visual art in the Grand Forks Elementary School System as an Artist-in-the-Classroom for ArtWise for the last 20 years.

Additional Information

In mythology and folklore the griffin is half lion, half eagle. Legends tell of it's exceptional power-as the lion is viewed as the king of the beasts, and the eagle the king of the birds. O'Neil's charming poetry and illustrations, printed at the University of North Dakota, tell a story of a griffin and its human family as they attempt to find out his origin. The Griffin was created as part of the Sundog Multiples program, a printmaking venture created by Art & Design Professor Kim Fink, in conjugation with UND Art Collections, and generously funded by the Myers Foundation.

Included in Fables, Insults, and Reverence: The Animals of UND Art Collections Exhibition at the UND Art Collections Gallery in the Empire Arts Center

(Image shown is one illustration from the book, which contains text as well as imagery.) Artist page: