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b. 1893


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the Empire Art Center

Artist Bio

Shunkô Mochizuki is described on the back of the artwork as follows:

"Japanese style painter. Born in Yamanashi Prefecture, 1893. Was graduated from Tokyo Academy of Fine Arts. Studied under Some Yuki. Has shown at government exhibitions, and the Nitten, Participates also in the Tokyo Biennial. Won Japan Art Academy Prize in 1957.


  • Member of the Board of Councillors of the Nitten, Inc.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Japan Sports Art Association.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Japanese Artists Association, Inc,
  • Founding member of the Nihonga-In Art Society
  • Member of the Japanese National Committee for the International Association of Plastic Arts

Address: 1 Shimizu-ohô, Yanaka, Taitô-ku, Tokyo"

Additional Information

The back of the painting also includes the following note from Yasuo Obi who donated the picture to the 164th Infantry Association in 1963:


This picture represents obscure, little-known ferns breaking through the newly thawed snow, reaching, searching for the rays of the new spring sun.

In Japan this specific type of plant is virtually unknown in that it is found in the mountains and plains, growing quietly, obscurely, almost invisible to the eyes of the normal person, beneath the sprawling branches of elegant trees and other much lauded forms of plant life. It lies un-noticed, isolated, even------ugly, its numbers multiplying daily.

In presenting this picture to the 164th Infantry Association I would like to express myself in terms of this picture, which I feel symbolizes my feelings far more than I would possibly be able to do with words. I am not by any means a diplomat, nor a statesman, but in my capacity as a normal Japanese citizen as far as I am concerned, cultivation of friendship and international relations must, and I sincerely hope on this day will find a beginning with the average man.

Yasuo Obi

339 Mure Mitaka-shi

Tokyo, Japan"


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