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Angela Kahoali’i Casagrande believes her camera is her true third eye, revealing an invisible truth we do not see. Creating work that is photographic-based, she examines memory as an aspect of liminal space – a metaphorical ghost. A phantom that haunts us, delights us, while all the while reminding us that we cannot quite grasp it. Using photography for the base of her work relates to the photograph as a means of capturing a moment, solidifying and preserving it for eternity.

Resulting from a fascination with the frailty and malleability of memory, how it is created as well as how we pass it to others, her work is an entry point to the afterlife of memory, searching for the residue of a remembrance left behind, both physical and immaterial. She explores her ancestry, folklore, myth, the paranormal, inherited traumas, personal and familial stories. Alternating between narrative and assemblage, she strives to uncover a collective anamnesis between her and the viewer.

She was a finalist in the Summer 2019 FOCUS Photo L.A. exhibition in New York and is the producer for the Albuquerque branch of Open Show. Her group exhibitions include Of Memory, Bone and Myth at the Colonel Eugene Myers Gallery of Art, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, North Dakota, 31 Women Artists, Sedona Arts Center, Sedona, Arizona and Ten Artists to Watch at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Los Angeles, CA. Her work has been published as part of The Photo Review 2021 Competition. Her work is in the public collection at Colonel Eugene Myers Gallery of Art.

Angela Kahoali’i Casagrande is a photography-based, visual artist, and photography instructor in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her love of photographic imagery stems from her recollection of her grandfather's World War II photographs, her grandmother's National Geographic book of Egypt, and their encyclopedia set she would browse through daily. She is an avid reader, a barely adequate banjo player and hopes to one day master the Scruggs method. She was born and raised in Humboldt County, California where she received her B.A. in Fine Art from Humboldt State University. She completed her M.F.A. from Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. She is an award-winning photographer whose work has been shown nationally and internationally."

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Black and white photo of a woman.

"Grandmother Wormwood?"


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