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Seemingly disconnected backgrounds formed Linda C. Everson’s art career. Linda was raised in ND in a woodworking family, instinctively doing artwork as a child. She first experienced art classes at UND where she graduated with a major in Fine Arts. Subsequently, Linda was a graphic designer in the fashion industry in New York, where she gained additional exposure by exploring the contemporary art scene in Soho and the uptown museums. Post-graduate studies were completed at multiple venues. Printmaking (with photographic components) is her primary medium. However, Linda also does some shaped paintings, mixed media work, bookmaking, and paper arts. Linda currently lives in Colorado and does fine arts in her home studio.

The confluence of her ND roots, NY experiences, and the Colorado landscape has impacted Linda’s aesthetics. Traveling the US and the world extensively has given her insight into various sights, cultures, artifacts, and architecture which have influenced the textural imagery, symbolism, and jewel-like palette in her artwork.

Linda was involved in several art memberships, including an art co-op. For several years, she was the Co-President and Co-Chair for Exhibitions of the Women’s Caucus for Art/ Colorado Chapter. In these capacities, she curated several of the WCA-CO art shows. It was in these venues she explored other art mediums, concepts, and themes. Her artwork has been shown locally, nationally, and internationally. She has won several art awards, been published, and has done several public art commissions.

Additional Information

The original print exhibited in the area surrounding the Scale-Up Classroom was created in conjunction with UND’s 2012 Arts & Culture Conference: Binary Inventions, Art & Culture in the Digital Age.

Binary Inventions was produced for and exhibited during Binary Inventions: the 2012 University of North Dakota Arts & Culture Conference. The exhibit ran from October 3-25, 2012, at the Third Street Gallery, Grand Forks, North Dakota. The artists were invited to approach the theme of Binary Inventions broadly, to consider the digital influence on the things they make art about and the ways they go about making their art. These prints demonstrate a variety of digital approaches and were editioned in a digitally mediated collaboration between the artists’ studios and master printmakers.

The conference, co-directed by Joel Jonientz, Brett Ommen, Kim Fink, and Brian Fricke, benefited from the support of UND’s department of Art & Design, Communication Program, UND Art Collections, and Department of Music. Additional support came from the UND Office of the Provost, the UND College of Arts and Sciences, the Myers Foundation, and the North Dakota Council on the Arts.

The portfolio was developed and editioned digitally by UND’s Sundog Multiples and Erik Beehn, former Master Printer at Gemini G.E.L print studios in Los Angeles, California. Sundog Multiples, under the direction of Professor Kim Fink, operates in affiliation with UND’s department of Art & Design to engage students more meaningfully in printmaking processes, to provide collaborative opportunities for students and artists, and to observe professional artists at work.

The print relates to a campus-wide plan called the “Living Art Museum.” The concept behind this plan stresses the idea of “relevancy” in regard to what is selected for display—as it relates to the concerns of people who are normally present in spaces where the art is placed. With this concept in mind, the artwork relates to the issue of recent digital technologies that are available to “scale up” processes utilized in contemporary printmaking.

Sundog Multiples was a printmaking venture created by Art & Design Professor Kim Fink, in conjunction with UND Art Collections, and generously funded by the Myers Foundations.