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Art & Design Study Collection, Oil/Water Exchange Portfolio


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Artist Statement:

The reason why oil and gas have gotten a bad rap in media, as well as the actual concrete negative evidence of the impact that it has had on the environment, is not because of fracking and drilling - which aren't bad things in themselves. If done correctly with the certified procedures and measures and inspections, the only thing to come out of it is good - providing energy for people to live. What is bad is when companies become lazy, don't want to spend the extra money, are untrained or unknowledgeable, or downright just don't care, and they begin to cut corners, turn a blind eye, skip over procedures, and use poor quality materials. This is when things go wrong and pollution becomes prevalent, wildlife is endangered, water becomes toxic, and all the other terrible things that everybody knows about. The problem, therefore, is the operator, not the industry. If people just followed the correct steps there would be no problem.

I believe we have been put here to be good stewards of what we have been given- use our resources but use them wisely; it is because of the greed of this world that such an opportunity is quickly falling out of favor.


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