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Etching, woodcut

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UND Art & Design Study Collection, Oil/Water Exchange Portfolio


Stored: 234 Print Box G, S7B


UND Art Collections Repository

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Artist Statement:

My first reaction to the issue of oil drilling was one-sided; how could people continue to damage the earth and contaminate our vital resources? Of course, I still ask this question, but this project asked me to look further. Throughout the process of researching the topic and making these prints, I found empathy for both sides. One side finds great opportunity in material wealth, while the other is fighting to maintain the health of the environment, and in turn, physical well-being of all living things. These two types of prosperity are symbolized by one lotus from the sky, and the other floating in the river. It seems the two types of success cannot coexist, so which will it be? The background represents the reality - a city that thrives off of resources, but is highly polluted and runs to the river. The figure in the water grasping a gas mask represents all living beings, which need special technology to filter vital resources like air, water, and food just to survive.


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