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Master of Arts (MA)


Theatre Arts


This paper summarizes my research, my script analysis, and the rehearsal process for my production of Ladies and Gentlemen by Emma Donaghue at the University of North Dakota during the fall term of 1999 - 2000. My aim is to explore the particular tensions at play in Donaghue's use of postmodern techniques and traditional narrative style from a director's point of view. The focus of the paper is on the themes of gender, memory, and identity as the site of these tensions. Jeanette R. Malkin's Memory-Theatre and Postmodern Drama offered a methodology in which to examine these themes, while Harold Clurman's text On Directing provided a foundation for a director's analysis.

I hope to describe how Clurman's techniques can be applied to diverse genres and applied to identify problems. Further, I will reach some conclusions about the themes of gender, memory, and identity in Donaghue's play with a particular focus on how gender and memory may determine identity.

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