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Master of Arts (MA)


Theatre Arts


Tennesse Williams' play, OUT CRY, uses many of the expressionistic and symbolic elements he used successfully throughout his career. The characters of OUT CRY struggle with the fear of isolation, of entrapment and of sexual relationship. The aim of my thesis is to focus on selected expressionistic elements in OUT CRY and to elaborate on the choices I made as a director in using the expressionistic elements to convey the theme of fear inherent in the play.

I have highlighted the methodology of director Harold Clurman in my analysis of the script. Additionally, I adhered to theory of director Francis Hodge which assisted in the rehearsal process. The expressionistic elements of the world of the play were also explored in my production design collaboration.

My study concludes with reflection on the ambiguity of the play, and further reflections on the challenges in directing non-realistic drama. Finally, I assess the ways in which the expressionistic elements of the play OUT CRY aided in emphasizing the theme of fear articulated by Williams.

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