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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership


The basis for this study was to determine: (1) If school districts in North Dakota have an emergency response plan; (2) How comprehensive their emergency response plan is; (3) How well prepared school districts in North Dakota are for any type of disaster; and (4) The extent to which North Dakota LEAD Center school emergency response training and resources have impacted school emergency preparedness in North Dakota.

There were 120 school districts and their superintendents that participated in the Emergency Preparedness in North Dakota Public School District's survey. School administrators who completed the Emergency Preparedness Survey were asked to indicate the number and types of emergency situations that have occurred in their respective school districts, how those school districts dealt with those incidents, and what type of plan is either in place or not in place for those districts to respond to future crisis situations. The collected data were analyzed to determine frequencies and percentages which were presented in narrative and tabular format. An analysis of variance determined if there was a difference in the size and location of school districts as it relates to their preparedness for emergencies and the comprehensiveness of their emergency response plans.

Analysis of the data revealed while most school districts possess an emergency response plan, a minority of those districts have a comprehensive plan. The research indicated there is no significant difference between small, medium, or large size school districts regarding their emergency preparedness and the comprehensiveness of their emergency response plans. Further, the research illustrated there was no significant difference in the comprehensiveness of emergency response plans of school districts based on their location in the state. Additionally, the research showed 38% of the North Dakota school districts participated directly in the ND LEAD Center emergency response training.

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