Alan C. Olson

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Teaching & Learning


Institutions of higher education attempt to select and prepare the finest K-12 teachers possible. National, state, and local influences also search for the best and brightest teacher candidates to become K-12 teachers. The result has been increased accountability measures to ensure quality. The selection process for admission to teacher education programs frequently involves quantitative measures such as cumulative grade point average (GPA) and Praxis I test qualifying scores for candidates to gain program admission, student teach, and ultimately become licensed educators.

The purpose of this study was to investigate if significant relationships existed among quantitative measures such as cumulative GPA, Praxis I scores, and ratings on student teacher final evaluations based on the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) principles. Learning about these relationships has potential benefits for making informed decisions about establishing teacher education program admission standards, modifying education course curriculum, and advising preservice teacher candidates.

Significant relationships existed among the cumulative GPAs and cooperating teacher ratings of student teachers' practicum efforts involving two INTASC related principles, the "Ability to Plan and Organize Lessons for Learning," INTASC 7, and "Written Expression," connected with INTASC 6. Cumulative GPAs also had significant relationships with two other non-INTASC related student teacher attributes evaluated by cooperating teachers, "General Promise as a Teacher" and "Responsibility/Dependability." Analysis of the data also indicated significant relationships existed between the cumulative GPAs of student teachers and all three sections of the Praxis I series – Mathematics, Reading, and Writing.

Praxis I Reading test scores had positive, significant relationships with two student teaching attributes related to Communication, INTASC 6, "Written Expression" and "Oral Expression and Effectiveness of Speech." Praxis I Writing test scores had a significant relationship with the cooperating teachers' final evaluations of student teachers in the area of "Organization and Classroom Management," related to INTASC 5, as well as "Written Expression" connected to INTASC 6, and a non-INTASC related attribute entitled "Tact and Judgment."

The study of admission requirements and student teaching success is important in determining the value of specific admission requirements, student teacher assessments, and to search for potential predictors of candidate success.

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