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Differential scoring across Native American and European .American groups on the Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children - Third Edition (WISC-IIi) was examined while controlling for Full Scale IQ and age. Comparisons were made across the groups on Verbal IQ and Performance IQ, individual subtests, individual subtest items and two composite index scores. Results indicated no significant scorino differences between the two groups on Performance IQ or, on the Perceptual Organization Index, Significant scoring differences were also not evident on the Coding, Picture Arrangement, Arithmetic, Block Design, Vocabulary-, Object Assembly and Comprehension subtests. Significant scoring differences were found across the groups on Verbal IQ and the Verbal Comprehension Index. Significant differences were also found between the groups on the Picture Completion, Information and Similarities subtesls as we!! as on three verbal subtest items and several performance subtesl items. Previous research finding a pattern of higher performance relative to verbal scores for Native American children was supported; while other research suggesting cultural bias against Native American children on individual subtest items was not.

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