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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership


The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between the technology competencies of elementary school administrators and the technology integration competencies of teachers under their leadership. This study examined data from Phases V and VI, which were the last year and the year following the end of the North Dakota Teaching with Technology Initiative (ND TWTi).

The data collection tool was the Professional Competency Continuum (PCC) profile assessment. The data from this survey were preexisting and spanned from 1999 to 2006. ND TWTi provided technology training and support to North Dakota teachers and administrators. The PCC measured the technology competencies of teachers and administrators in relation to the national technology standards. The PCC identified five key target areas for improving educational technology which included core technology skills, curriculum, learning and assessment, professional practices, classroom and instructional management, and administrative competencies. Each competency area allowed the respondent to answer questions which then placed the respondent on a continuum. The continuum stages ranged from Entry, Adaptation, to Transformation.

The mean values of administrators from PCC I to PCC VI continue to show that administrators are moving toward the transformation end of the spectrum. Administrator ratings on the PCC V and VI are in the upper range of adaptation with mean values ranging from 6.96 to 7.74. The mean values of teachers increased from Phase II to the PCC V but then all mean values dropped from the PCC V to PCC VI.

Previous research documented a correlation between all North Dakota administrator ratings on the Professional Competency Continuum and the technology integration competencies of teachers who worked for them during Phases I and II of ND TWTi. The previous research concluded that the ratings of administrators with regard to technology integration competencies are related to teachers' ratings on technology integration competencies.

The successes of the ND TWTi and its associated professional development for teachers and administrators across the state of North Dakota are documented in PCC I, II, III, and IV However the PCC V and VI, and this study do not corroborate the same findings.