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Master of Arts (MA)



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Dr. Clarence Perkins


In writing this thesis I have emphasized the qualities of vigor, ability and foresight that Churchill showed to such a statesmanlike degree in the last war, also the special technical training in ships, tanks, planes and their use that he gained. I have endeavored to point out in what ways these have qualified him for his role as Prime Minister of England in the present war. I have brought out his connections with American life through his family, his books and lectures, and his work as munitions minister. I have tried to show that this has affected American public opinion in favor of Britain.

Certain questions have been strongly disputed as to his share in the last war. Of how much value was his work at the Admiralty as compared to Fisher's? How much was he to be held responsible for the failure at the Dardanelles? I have concluded, and have tried to prove, that he should have the main credit for the modernizing of the Fleet, which in turn was one of the main factors in Allied victory. I have also sought to prove that his Dardanelles strategy was not only sound but brilliant, and that the fault of execution which doomed it to failure were not his, but the Cabinet's and the army's.

Acknowledgements are due to Dr. Perkins for his friendly helpfulness, and to the staff of the North Dakota and Minnesota University libraries for their courtesy.

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