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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Counseling Psychology & Community Services


The present study explored the effects of employment interviewee’s age and work experience on hiring manager’s recommendations to hire. It was hypothesized that interviewees who were older and therefore more work experience would receive significantly fewer recommendations to be hired than interviewees with less experience and therefore younger. Furthermore, it was proposed that hiring managers with higher ageist attitudes, as measured by the Fraboni Scale of Ageism, would be less likely to recommend older interviewees with extensive years of work experience be hired than younger interviewees with less work experience. The population was comprised of employment hiring manager from hiring personal from a broad range of companies’ sizes. Of the 360 returned surveys, 201 were fully completed and useable. The hypotheses of the study were supported. Participants gave more recommendations for hire to younger, less experienced interviewees than to older, more experienced interviewees. Participants also rated younger and less experienced applicants more favorably on a variety of candidate characteristics. In addition, the higher a participant scored on the modified Fraboni Scale of Ageism, the less positively they rated an older more experienced interviewee.