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Master of Science (MS)


Chemical Engineering


Kinetics of the Bouduard reaction (reaction of coal carbon with carbon dioxide) has been investigated in the temperature range 1100°F to 1300°F at atmospheric pressures employing chars from a bituminous coal from West Virginia, a sub-bituminous coal from Montana and two lignites from North Dakota. A simple kinetic model based on the stoichiometric equation C02 + C (K1/K2)2 CO was assumed. Rate data were obtained in an z k2 electrically heated fixed bed plug-flow reactor. The bed was packed with the coal char and the carbon dioxide delivered from a cylinder. The forward and reverse reaction rate constants were evaluated based on a model allowing for volume changes. The stoichiometric equation did not fit the actual mechanism of the reaction, as indicated by a decrease in the value of k2 with temperature. Analysis of the factorial design employed indicated that the rate of the Bouduard reaction is significantly dependent on coal type, temperature and space time. The degree of conversion of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide, for a given space time and temperature, increased with decreasing coal rank.