Paul E. Quam

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Master of Science (MS)




In tracing the history and development of the football helmet in its origin and evolution, the study related the changes in design of football headgear, humorous photographic plates included throughout the chronicled data depict graphically the changes which occurred. These photographs provide a proper perspective for an understanding of the present day football helmet.

An account of the explanation proffered by designers of helmets, with reference to selection of style, has been included.

Analyzing the particular details in design of football headgear, the study alludes to the different attitudes held by both coaches and players toward the game itself.

Finally, an appraisal of strides made by sporting goods companies toward the gradual betterment in design of the football helmet was presented. Although criteria for design of effective headgear were not discussed, the principles for its basis have been indicated in the historical accounts of helmet systems.