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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Teaching & Learning


Today a challenge faces the school administrators, supervisors, and teachers. If they are to continue as vital factors in a Democracy, then they must assume the new problems which social and economic conditions have caused to arise in our present day society. A planned program of guidance is the educator's answer to that challenge.

In this thesis an attempt is made to propose a program of guidance and to explain methods which are suggested in the texts and syllabi on this subject. The ultimate aim is the preparation of a correlated guidance program for the secondary schools of North Dakota.

This thesis contains a general surrey of the practices as carried out by other schools and suggested by outstanding authorities in this field. It also incorporates certain problems which are peculiar to the State of North Dakota.

This thesis also suggests programs of testing which are for the purpose of pupil analysis and guidance and not methods to be used with finality in vocational placement of those pupils. Such is the real purpose of the guidance program.

Emphasis is placed upon the fact that every type of a secondary school should establish and further the development of guidance programs to meet the individual's needs, the aim of which should be the end of attaining a well-rounded program to meet that pupil's needs.