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Master of Science (MS)


Chemical Engineering


The feasibility of treating slagging gasifier wastewater with bromine chloride was studied. The aqueous effluent was collected from the spray washer of the Grand Forks Energy Technology Center's slagging fixed-bed gasifier during run RA-94.

It was found that slagging gasifier wastewater is only partially treatable using bromine chloride as the principal treatment step. After a pretreatment scheme consisting of lime addition and ammonia stripping, bromine chloride was unable to reduce the total carbon concentration of the wastewater to acceptable discharge or reuse levels.

Bromine chloride addition as an aqueous solution, a liquid, and a vapor was investigated. Bromine chloride vapor gave the largest total carbon removal. Phenolic compounds were brominated and precipitated from the wastewater. Other organic compounds appear to be oxidized by bromine chloride.

An installed equipment cost of approximately $3,120,000 can be expected for a facility employing BrCI oxidation followed by treatment with activated carbon. The facility would purify pretreated waste-water from a slagging gasification plant capable of producing 7.08 million standard cubic meters of methane daily. Bromine chloride can be expected to contribute $14.30 to the total cost of each cubic meter of wastewater treated.