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Doctor of Education (EdD)


Teaching, Leadership & Professional Practice

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Jocelyn Gutierrez


Strategic planning is the process in which organizations develop goals and objectives that drive actions for the purpose of fulfilling their institutional mission. This paper addresses how strategic planning can be utilized at community colleges. A review of relevant literature is also included. A qualitative case study research methodology was used to examine three main research questions. 1. How do community colleges evaluate their strategic planning processes in determining the achievement of their strategic plan’s desired results? 2. In what ways, if any, do community colleges assess and define the successful implementation of their strategic plan initiatives? 3. What, if any, are the key roles community college presidents undergo in overseeing implementation, assessment, and evaluation practices?The case study followed a bounded research approach. Three community colleges served as the site selection. Selected institutions completed a strategic plan by spring 2023 and met several specific common criteria. The data collected from this case study informs the practice of strategic planning implementation, assessment, and evaluation at community colleges. Findings contributed to the development of a Community College Strategic Planning Guide.