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A study was made of solvent extraction of "Leonardite" obtained from the Slack Seam of the Baukol-Noonan coal company, Divide County, Worth Dakota. Apparatus and method are described for the treatment of the Leonardite, the determination of extraction yields, and the separation of products. A detailed analysis of the products obtained is presented, with temperature as a variable.

Reduction in particle size, increase in the ratio of tetralin- Leonardite, agitation, time, and temperature were found to be important factors in the extraction. Considerable increase in yield resulted from increasing the temperature up to 4k0° C. With tetralin as solvent, under most favorable conditions, a maximum of jk.6 per cent based on moisture-ash-free Leonardite has been made soluble.

The residue obtained from this treatment under most favorable conditions showed considerable changes from the Leonardite sample. A major portion of the C=0 group in the Leonardite was eliminated by this treatment, and the residue was found to contain CH3 and CH2 groups.