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Independent Study

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


The literature reveals that advanced practice registered nurses who are family practice certified nurse practitioners (APRN-FNPs) are highly qualified primary care providers, yet some physicians feel that APRN-FNPs are in direct competition with them. It is important for the APRN-FNP to educate patients about their knowledge and skill capabilities. Government reimbursement and inconsistency of APRN-FNPs scope of practice is also a problem contributing to a lack of clarity in the APRN-FNP role. It is the responsibility of health care providers to be advocates for their own profession. Nurses must promote the role of advanced practice nursing in the workplace, community, and political contexts. Such advocating may increase visibility and understanding of the APRN-FNP profession. This can only help improve marketability of the APRN-FNP role and identity in the workplace

This project focused on researching the importance of professional advocacy, consistency, and worth of the APRN-FNP profession. It explored the need and importance of APRN-FNPs to the healthcare industry. A poster presentation was given at the Graduate School Scholarly Forum, March 12, 2009, on the University of North Dakota campus to serve as an aide for newly educated and practicing APRN-FNPs in the area who were seeking employment, advocating for their role definition, and developing their scope of practice. The presentation was expected to be particularly helpful to newly graduated APRN-FNPs and currently practicing APRN-FNPs seeking role definition which in return should have provided them with an opportunity to establish professional self worth

The purpose of this project was to increase awareness and knowledge among healthcare professionals in the Midwestern region of the United States about the importance of self-advocacy among APRN-FNP professionals, so that (a) the role of the APRN-FNP professional could be clearly defined, (b) the APRN-FNP's role might become more consistent throughout the region, and ( c) the self-worth of professionals in the field be encouraged to grow. Achieving these objectives should increase APRN-FNP marketability. The profession must have an in-depth understanding and consensus of the depth and breadth of its scope of practice. The APRN-FNP profession as a whole must be proactive in order for change to occur