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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this research was to investigate and experiment with the use of a designed model production system in comparison to a traditional system. It was the intent of this study to develop an efficient model production system for producing laminated wood products.

This research included: (l) review of the literature pertinent to wood lamination, (2) survey of companies and individuals involved with wood lamination, (3) design and testing of a model lamination system, and (4) comparison of the designed system to the traditional method of laminating a wood product

The variables and procedures relating to wood lamination were identified through the review of literature and returned surveys. The variables and procedures deemed important were used to design the schematic, mathematical, and physical models of a lamination system. The designed model system was compared to the traditional method of producing a laminated wood product. This was done through a comparison of production times, process charts, process layout diagrams, and cost analysis

The primary conclusions obtained from this study were: (1) the designed model layout resulted in less material movement than the traditional layout, (2) the designed model process required fewer production activities than the traditional process, (3) the designed model process required less production time than the traditional method, (4) the designed model proved to be more economical in producing the same quantity of products than the traditional method, and (5) the quality of the laminated wood product proved higher using the designed model system in comparison to the traditional method

It is recommended that: (1) a designed layout be used in lamination production runs, (2) a designed process should be incorporated in lamination production runs, (3) break-even analysis should be used to compare the economics of two production methods, and (4) models should be used to compare two or more competing systems