Spirituality in The Community

Dawn Fredich


Important nursing iheorists throughout history agree that human beings are comprised of several dimensions. The.se dimensions generally include body, mind and spirit. Many also agree that these dimensions cannot be isolated for treatment. The body, mind and spirit are so intricately interconnected that each of the dimensions has an effect on the other. Although nurses are charged with assessing, intervening, and evaluating care for each of these three dimensions, most nurses practicing in acute and long term facilities provide interventions directed primarily at the body and mind. There is, however, a resurgence of interest in how spirituality affects the health of clients. The Faith Community Nurse, previously known as the Parish Nurse, is trained to integrate spirituality into health care, thus providing holistic care. Holistic health care providers are able to address health issues in each of the three dimensions and understand how each dimension impacts the other. The purpose of this project is to: (a) define the scope of current Faith Community Nursing in the traditional spiritual environment; (b) describe the role of Faith Community Nursing in outreach projects, particularly within one faith; and ( c) identify specific research focusing on the expanding FCN roles needed for interfaith community projects. A thorough literature review regarding Faith Cornmunity Nursing will be used to compile information regarding the expanding role of the Faith Community Nurse within the community. The knowledge will be incorporated into an educational presentation with an evaluation and used to educate nursing sn1dents in a Midwest Baccalaureate program.