Kevin Xiong

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Teaching, Leadership & Professional Practice

First Advisor

Dr. Jared Schlenker


The Hmong diaspora and settlement in the United States have a direct impact on how Hmong parents engage in their children’s academic journey. With the viewpoint of traditional Westernized parent engagement, Hmong parents may be perceived as engaging too little. However, in order for Hmong parents to be involved in their children’s educational journey as part of this Westernized concept, it is imperative that the families’ basic needs are met. Otherwise, they will primarily focus on meeting their fundamental basic needs rather than being engaged in their children’s academic progress. This research explored two Hmong charter schools in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, as well as 10 parents from one of the two Hmong charter schools. The results from administrator and parent interviews helped to identify basic needs services that are crucial to implementing programs and services within Hmong charter schools in order to increase parent engagement. Ultimately, the research suggests the Holistic Cultural Community Framework (HCCF), which describes a strategy for Hmong charter schools to build programs and services based on the needs of families in order to increase the engagement of parents in the learning process. This framework discusses parent engagement through a culturally responsive approach that caters to the needs of Hmong families.