Date of Award

January 2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education (EdD)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Bonni Gourneau


Although substantive research examines the issues surrounding the lack of Black Male Teachers (BMTs) nationally, limited studies involve their experiences in international schools. This is troubling when juxtaposed with their experiences researched and documented during teacher training, hiring practices, and on the job in the U.S. Although the issue is complex, many stem from explicit and implicit racial discrimination from the white racial majority. Given the problems preservice and eventual BMTs face in the U.S., examining BMTs narratives in the international school industry was necessary. Kanter’s token theory suggests that any slice of a social group comprised below 15% of a whole hold no power amongst their respective groups. Currently, the entire Black male teacher population sits at just below 2% in the U.S. This dissertation aimed to explore BMTs experiences in international schools in East and Southeast Asia, where their numbers are likely lower than in the US, and where international schools are often touted as having and being inclusive of a diverse stakeholder community. Practitioner-based narrative interviews with six BMTs found that all participants appreciated and benefited from the knowledge and networking opportunities that supported the development of their international school teaching careers. However, despite being content with their decision to work abroad, they all encountered or took measures to address potential racial discrimination during the hiring process and while teaching. The implications of these findings, along with Kanter's token theory, which served as the theoretical framework for the study, suggest a pressing need to increase the number of BMTs and overall minority teachers and teacher leadership staff by implementing more equitable hiring practices and specific human resources directives. These measures would help to protect minority teachers against racial discrimination and implicit bias.