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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Teaching & Learning

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Bonni Gourneau


There has been considerable attention and focus, in the field of education, on development support for beginning teachers. Beginning teachers are very important to the success and future of education. Their success in the classroom is very critical. The Resident Teacher Program or a teacher residency is a comprehensive means of providing beginning teachers with developmental support. This initiative is usually organized through the concerted efforts of a college of education and school district. Within this dissertation, attention is given to the potential or real benefits and to the successes and challenges of an existing Resident Teacher Program. In a review of the current literature, the voice of the resident teachers has not been heard. Therefore, lived experience in such a program has not been known. The purpose statement of this phenomenological study was to explore the perspectives of beginning teachers regarding their experiences in a Resident Teacher Program. This was to help in understanding what is meant to be a resident teacher. Six beginning teachers enrolled in a Resident Teacher Program were selected as participants and interviewed on two different occasions. The outcome of the study shows that resident teachers' experiences is characterized by double commitment with a lot of responsibilities but double support; ability to bring what's learned in graduate courses into classroom teaching; and confidence to transition into regular classroom teaching. Minor issues of concern to participants are discussed and future recommendations are offered.

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