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Independent Study

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Master of Arts (MA)


The purpose of this Independent Study is to give the reader an insight into the scope of an Accountants Liability. I will begin by writing about the increasing number of investors in the United States and how their reliance on figures in financial reports is increasing the number of lawsuits involving accountants. Chapter III will discuss some of the significant cases of Accounts Liability, these cases involve mainly the large Public Accounting firms. Chapter IV will discuss the lack of uniformity in financial statements. This lack of uniformity has caused some problems because investors are not aware or do not always understand the methods that are used to arrive at the figures on the financial statements and as a result may have cost money because of a misleading statement

This chapter also involves another case and states also that there is no basis to the fact, that because there has been an increase in Liability suits the profession is not about to be inundated by a flood of lawsuits