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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


The objective of this study is to identify Small Business Administration management assistance programs and their availability to manufacturers in Ward County, North Dakota, as well as to determine how aware these manufacturers are of such assistance which might be available to them. Chapter I contains the background for the study. Chapters II and III describe the SBA management assistance program in general, and in Ward County, respectively. Chapter IV presents the survey which was conducted among these manufacturers. Chapter V contains the conclusions drawn from the study that formal management training among these manufacturers is lacking and that this represents a need for potential assistance if such assistance is requested by businessmen who might experience problems with which the SBA may help. Furthermore, the conclusion has been drawn that these manufacturers are generally unaware of the SBA programs and would therefore be less likely to seek assistance from that source, thereby identifying a possible weakness in the SBA 1 s program publicity or a lack of interest in such programs on the part of the manufacturers