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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Evaluation, whether of yourself or of an organization, is a delicate process. In the management field it is a fact of life as it touches upon such issues as worth, goals, performance, power, advancement, and responsibility. However, many decision-makers approach this subject very cautiously because of the various pitfalls involved and perhaps, because of the Biblical phrase which tells man to "judge not, lest ye shall be judged''.

However, organizations must evaluate their activities. People cannot work in organizations without knowing their objectives and the extent to which they are carrying them out. Therefore, who will ev.:1L..1.:1te and who will administer? We, as future managers, will be the ones who will be called upon to undertake this evaluation process.

The Planning-Programming-Budgeting System was developed to provide the government with a means that might be used to evaluate alternatives. PPBS obtained its concepts and format from the business profession and actually is a business contribution to government evaluation and management