Tonya Auck

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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


In general, nurses have among the highest rates of nonfatal workplace assault and violent victimization in health care. Furthermore, psychiatric nurses are among the highest in violent victimization rates of all types of nurses (Peek-Asa et al., 2009).

Although increased security measures through the use of cameras, locked doors, and even enclosed nursing stations on high risk units have been instituted, separating nurses from their patients by utilizing a nursing station with enclosed shatterproof glass may be damaging to the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship. In order to overcome this potential relationship barrier during times of increased security, literature was reviewed regarding the effect of an enclosed nurses' station on patient perception of nursing accessibility on adult inpatient psychiatric units

The extensive review identified several themes important to the nurse-patient relationship; however, there is a lack of research about enclosed nurse's stations on psychiatric units. Future research studies should be done to get a better understanding of the impact of an enclosed nurses' station on the nurse-patient relationship. Suggestions for additional environmental changes to foster healing on inpatient psychiatric units that utilize an enclosed nursing station are incorporated in this paper.