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Independent Study

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


This study is an attempt to evaluate the impact of Management Information Systems (MIS) on business, to examine recent developments in the MIS field, and to det ermine the future role of these developments as they contribute to more effective MIS

Library research of secondary sources was utilized in conducting this research. Factors crucial to information requirement such as timeliness, comprehensiveness, accuracy, reliability and flexibility were analyzed. In addition, the human behavior aspect of MIS was evaluated

The findings of this study disclosed that the impact of MIS on. business functions has been restricted by lack of use, lack of involvement and lack of commitment. It seems that this has occurred because of difficulty in optimizing MIS which probably stems from the combination of third generation computers and first generation users. In addition, the lack of a standardized definition for MIS and exactly what role it plays in the organization it serves has caused some confusion

The author concludes that whatever changes face the manager in the future and whatever his needs are, it is clear that the computer and information systems will play an increasingly important role on the business s cene. Failure of management to recognize the potential of such a system and failure to effectively employ it in the business environment could possibly lead to an economic disaster or even death of the firm