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Independent Study

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


This study is an attempt to identify and analyze some of the reasons for management development program failures and to determine whether the business simulation game can alleviate some of these reasons

The findings of the study disclose a number of reasons for management development failure, and that these fall into two categories: administrative and pedagogical. Administrative reasons consist of problems in selection. of participants, lack of organizational support, poorly defined objectives and poor planning, Pedagogical reasons include little opportunity for active participation, retention. of traditional concepts, no provision for individual differences, and lack of originality. The findings further disclose that the business simulation game can alleviate or significantly aid the resolution of all but two of the problems identified

The author concludes that the business simulation game provides significant benefits to the corporate management development program, and that companies should make a concerted effort to determine if the objectives of their development effort dictate the use of such a simulation game