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Independent Study

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Master of Business Administration (MBA)


This study is an attempt to illustrate the potential use of futures research in long-range corporate planning. The basic purpose of futures research is to involve the corporate concern with an active role in creating future conditions. Outcomes and even the seemingly inevitable can be changed

The paper will study the development of futures research, discuss various techniques and approaches, apply these to the corporation and discuss problems of forecasting. The paper will show that futures research concentrates on the development and application of systematic processes and procedures which are intended to unveil alternatives available to companies over the long-run

The main objective of futures research is to improve the decision making process in the case of long-range planning. More and more decisions are moving from the short-range to the long-range. This is due mainly because our decisions involve increasingly more complex situations. Also, we live i n an age where technological change is almost overwhelming •. _· These considerations have given futures research the prominence we observe today