Mary Amundson

Date of Award


Document Type

Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Clinical courses are an essential part of the curriculum for any major involving health care careers. These courses provide the health care student the opportunity to transition from the classroom to the health care environment prior to graduation through guided practice in the provision of patient care. Clinical experiences leave the student with a greater understanding of wellness as well as the pathophysiology of disease, recognition of the relationship between interventions and outcomes, realization of the interplay of culture, spirituality and emotional status with the physical response of the body and provide the student with the ability to provide care to humans. In order for clinical courses to be a reality much communication and coordination must exist between educational programs with health care career curriculums and health care facilities appropriate for student placement for clinical experiences

This independent study provides a literature review of best practices for the provision of health care career clinical education. A comprehensive program design for facilities wishing to provide efficient and effective clinical experiences is provided. In addition, educational facilities with health care career curriculums will benefit from this independent study by understanding the needs of the health care facility when clinical faculty and students are utilizing departments and patients for clinical learning experiences.