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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Assisted living facilities are increasingly becoming a popular option for aging individuals. One thing found lacking in these facilities is a structured exercise program. In a review of literature, it was found that strength training programs have resulted in an improvement in elders' functional performance. It has been shown that an older adult can successfully perform strength training exercises. Strength training exercises can add muscle, increase strength, and enhance the elders' flexibility. This improved functional performance plays a significant role in the elders' ability to maintain their independence with ADLs (activities of daily living), which may result in a better quality of life

A strength training exercise program for assisted living individuals was developed based on extensive literature review and presented to assisted living staff for implementation. The goal of the developed program is to maintain or even improve the elderly person's gait, strength, and/or mobility to maintain their independence for as long as possible and to enhance their quality of life