Tim Overend

Date of Award


Document Type

Independent Study

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Postdural puncture headaches are a complication associated with neuraxial anesthesia. The risk of developing a postdural puncture headache varies among the patient population in which neuraxial anesthesia is utilized, as weII as the experience of the anesthesia provider inserting the neuraxial block. Several options exist regarding treatment for PD PH' s, and the knowledge, as well as the skiII level of the provider, plays an important role in the best utilization of the treatment options. The purpose of this independent project was to explore the treatment options that are available for both the provider and the patient, incorporating available technology in assisting the provider with treatment options

A comprehensive literature review, including case reports and prospective studies, was conducted. The findings were compiled and presented in a power point format which included the etiology of PDPH as well as the association between treatment modalities and resolution of PDPH's. The physiologic framework of adaptation and homeostasis was used as the theoretical framework for this study. The power point findings were presented at the North Dakota Association of Nurse Anesthetists Spring Educational Meeting and to first year nurse anesthetist students at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, North Dakota