Chia-jung Fan

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Master of Arts (MA)



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David F. Marshall


This study was made to explore the pronunciation rules between Taiwanese and Kuo-yu, which are the two major languages used in Taiwan today, by comparing selected features of their phonological systems. The purpose was to provide the future researchers and Taiwanese learners more information on sounds, which will be helpful in the maintenance and future development of the Taiwanese language.

In the introduction, there is a brief description of the background and formation of Taiwanese and Kuo-yu. In chapter two, the syllable structure and phonetic systems of Taiwanese and Kuo-yu are introduced. The following three chapters are about the three basic parts of every Kuo-yu and Taiwanese words: the tone, the onset and the rhyme. The theory used in this study is generative phonology. The data are basically from the library documents and the personal knowledge of the author on these two languages.

The deficiency of the collected information on printed documents sets limitations on this research. The rules of tone change also need further discussion. This comparative study covers the basic rules of the sounds of Kuo-yu and Taiwanese, which may help to define the relationship between these two languages.

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