Julie Ferry

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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Nurses need evidence-based practices to prevent the spread of infections in patients' homes. Nursing equipment must be cleaned and disinfected properly between patients and proper hand hygiene should be done to decrease health-care associated infections in the home and community setting. A review and synthesis of the most current literature was done by searching the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health literature (CINAHL), Cochrane Database, Google Scholar™ and Google™ databases. Key words include infection control, home visits, public health, cleaning, home health, equipment, disinfectants and combinations of those words. Tools were created for dissemination to nurses providing care in the home. These include an infection control quick reference guide, a competency checklist and an educational PowerPoint that agencies can use to supplement their infection control programs. Agencies need to develop comprehensive infection control programs, using evidence-based practices to guide them. This includes annual staff training on use and care of patient equipment, proper hand washing and hand hygiene products, and personal protective equi~ment. Nurses need to educate patient and family caregivers on infection control practices. Local policies should be developed to support infection control quality improvement strategies, and further research is needed on evidence-based practices in the community setting