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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Depression is a mood altering state which can be characterized by feelings of sadness that can affect thoughts, daily activities, emotions, physical health and even behavior of an individual, most often affecting women (National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2014, para 1 ). In the United States, depression has affected millions of the U.S. population (Peckofer et al, 2010). It is important that we focus on both the disease itself and depression related morbidity and mortality. A large number of depressed patients will suffer from a depressive crisis. These crises' can lead to sclf-inf1icted injuries, worsening of the individual 's medical conditions or even death. Treatment is critical (K wasky & Groh, 2012). With the large number of individuals this disease affects, a treatment is essential. The neural pathways and brain chemistry associated with depression is still poorly understood . Vitamin Dis found to be involved in many brain activities and functions required in an individual's life (Anglin et al , 2013). The brain activates vitamin D and without proper function of the brain, vitamin D deficiency can become a large problem (Jorde et al., 2008). Decreased vitamin D levels have been shown to cause cognitive dysfunction, depressive symptoms, and lead to anxiety. Decreased levels of Vitamin Dare often seen with individuals who are obese or overweight (Jorde et al., 2008).

This independent study explored the option of treating depression with vitamin D and whether or not this treatment was found to be effective. The information from this independent study was research, compiled and presented to staff in an outpatient behavioral health unit in hopes of finding an alternative treatment option for the treatment of depression. When the presentation was done and questions were answered, it was decided that further studies need to be done on the efficacy of vitamin D for the treatment of depression at higher levels, as there was not enough sufficient evidence at this time