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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Tn today's ever changing sociopolitical world, the influences of multimedia healthcare and its potential impact on patient safety has become a national issue. Healthcare facilities often have policies or guidelines regarding the use of devices that may create distractions in the operating room (OR). With changes in technology and ever changing societal trends these distractions must be addressed to find out what is clinically acceptable nurse anesthesia practice. The purpose of this independent project is to identify common OR distractions and study their effects on anesthesia provider vigilance. The focus of the project will be on smartphone/computer use, reading, and music during the maintenance phase of anesthesia. An extensive review of the literature was completed utilizing the University of North Dakota (UND) Harley E. French Library of the Health Sciences website for all pertinent literature. Utilizing the Cochrane Collaboration, PubMecl, CINAHL, and Scopus databases, a search of all articles relevant to the project were sought. The importance of anesthesia provider vigilance and its impact on patient safety is a multifaceted paradigm with countless group and individual variations. The diversity of these factors accounts for the variability amongst the research. It is expected that this information will help anesthesia providers identify which distracters may reduce vigilance and should be avoided; therefore, resulting in improved safety and patient outcome