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Independent Study

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


The development of communication skills is considered a cornerstone of nursing education. It is vital that student nurses learn to effectively and compassionately communicate with patients and family members. It is also of utmost importance that student nurses learn to accurately communicate with other healthcare professionals, ensuring patient care and safety standards are met. The ability to develop new strategies for teaching the fundamental skills of communication, while meeting national mandates on patient safety has been challenging for nursing programs. lnc011Jorating simulation technology into curriculum has been one way in which nursing programs across the counhy are making necessary updates. In 2008 The Joint Commission made recommendations regarding improved communication between health care providers and has recommended the use of the SBAR fonnat. With new technology and instructional methods coupled with national patient safety standards come the questions of efficacy and implementation, and therefore we must ask; can we teach communication skills to nursing students in a simulation lab by using the SBAR fonnat? The results of this independent study demonstrate that the SBAR format is an effective tool for teaching communication skills to nursing students in the simulation lab. Results were shared with nursing faculty to promote the incorporation of SBAR into curricula