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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States today, and cases

continue to grow every year. Lyme disease can be challenging to diagnose due to the many

presenting symptoms. This independent study is meant to describe symptoms of Lyme Jess

traditionally discussed in medical and nursing literature when considering how and when to

~ diagnose Lyme disease. It is also meant to examine common diagnostic problems in pediatric,

maternal, and elderly populations. This was accomplished with the use of a literature review, ~ resulting in the development of a white paper and educational brochure for dissemination to the health care providers and the general public. Lyme disease presents without the well-known

"bull's eye" rash more often than providers may suspect. In some endemic areas, the most

common reason for a presenting complaint of meningitis, arthritis or facial palsies in children is

the Lyme bacteria. Elderly patients may present with neurological symptoms of Lyme disease ~that are mistaken for other neurological diagnoses. Treating these complaints with common

antibiotics and other treatments may not correctly treat Lyme disease. Therefore, health care

providers and patients need to be aware of these different symptoms to avoid delayed diagnosis

and unnecessary or costly treatments. The literature review was limited by the limited amount of

studies that focus on this particular topic. Pieces that were included focused on symptoms of

Lyme other than erythema migraines