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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Teaching regional anesthesia to students who have no experience is a difficult task because there is no common frame of reference, and there are many variables to the provision of this specialized care. The purpose of this independent study was to review three of the most commonly performed blocks then prepare and deliver lessons to nurse anesthesia students which will promote their confidence and competency as anesthesia providers

The method used was a review of literature utilizing PubMed, Cl NAHL, and SCOPUS databases. Current thought on preparing students for learning and performing regional methods was organized according to Malcolm Knowles' Adult Learning Theory and Andragogical Model. The principles of regional anesthesia were presented in lecture and power point format, accompanied by video review of anatomy, and then reviewed with demonstration in human anatomy lab on cadavers. The students participated in the demonstration by applying the regional principles on the cadavers to assimilate learned theory and grow in practical application