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Master of Science (MS)


The new graduate Registered Nurse faces not only the challenge of role transition, but also must meet high performance expectations with increasing patient workloads and patient acuity levels. Feeling unprepared, stressed, and frustrated, the new graduate nurse has an increased rate of nurse burnout and dissatisfaction leading to job turnover.

Recruitment and training is costly to 3 organizations, so employers need to be aware of strategies to retain the new graduate Registered Nurse. A review of current literature strongly indicated that mentor programs are a successful way to retain, recruit, and develop satisfied, competent nurses. Mentoring allows the opportunity for the new graduate to practice in a safe and supportive environment to develop skills, competence, and confidence. Mentoring fosters professional growth which influences the quality of care given to the patient. This information was used to develop an educational presentation on the benefits of mentoring new graduate RNs.