Jody L. Ward

Date of Award


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Independent Study

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Master of Science (MS)


Individuals in rural areas with diabetes and cardiovascular disease do not receive adequate care for their chronic disease and this can lead to poor diabetes outcomes compared to their counterparts in urban areas. Individuals in rural areas with diabetes do not receive adequate care for their chronic disease. Rural areas often face more serious health problems and challenges than seen in many urban and suburban areas. Literature was reviewed to find best practices for diabetes and cardiovascular disease in rural populations. A conceptual framework can be used in all healthcare settings for guiding decision-making purposes that include the problem, person and context. Awareness of the chronic disease was found to be key, diabetic patients need to be encouraged for self-management. Strategies with telemedicine have been successful in linking rural diabetic patients and their healthcare providers, Nurse Diabetes educator, and overall care team. A White Paper was written for rural healthcare providers to learn more about best practices and ideas to consider for their specific diabetes care, policies, and protocols in providing rural diabetes care.