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Master of Science (MS)


Communication encores have been identified by The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) as the leading cause of wrong site operations and other sentinel events (Makary et al., 2006; Neily et al., 2009). Additionally, poor teamwork in the OR results in higher morbidity and mortality (Mazzocco et al., 2009). The aviation industry has used the concepts of Crew Resource Management (CRM) for more than 20 years to reduce accidents caused by human factors (Rivers, Swain & Nixon, 2003). CRM focuses on communication, leadership, decision making and resource management to achieve safe outcomes. CRM has been shown to lower the rate of surgical deaths in hospitals that have implemented training programs (Neily et al., 2010). A review of current literature was performed to identify the success of CRM in aviation, the role of CRM in healthcare and barriers to CRM implementation. The objective of the paper is to identify support for C.RM training during nurse anesthesia graduate education.